What I love about Norwegians

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Years ago, the United Nations reported that Norway is the happiest place in the world. So, this confirms that Norwegians are very happy people. But, not only that. Over a couple of years of living in Norway and interacting with my Norwegian family and neighbors, I have learned many of their traits that I love and are worth sharing. Hence the title “What I love about Norwegians.”

1. They are very hardworking

You probably read that and say to yourself: anyone can be hardworking no matter where they come from! I wholeheartedly agree with that. But writing from my perspective and trying to see things compared to the other three countries I have lived in, I can tell you with certainty that Norwegians are industrious.

Let’s leave aside the other countries I’ve lived in and look at things from my home country (Kenya).

It is shameful to write this, but I must tell the truth. We Kenyans, especially the new generation, aren’t always good at showing commitment and willingness to work. I mean that everyone wants a job, but not everyone is ready to take the opportunity that comes their way. We all want to sit at home and wait for whitecollar jobs.

Things aren’t like that here in Norway. I’m amazed to see young girls and boys around 15years old working in the supermarket, delivering newspapers and doing other jobs.

When I see this, I get motivated and feel like I would fly home and preach the news. To see one or two people get inspired and motivated to pursue their dreams early.

2. They are good at practicing courtesy

Words like thanks for food, sorry, please, excuse me, can I never miss in a Norwegians conversation.

Norwegians are good at showing good manners, friendliness, and concern to other people.

3. They care about each other's feelings

Another thing I love about Norwegians is how much they care about the feelings of others.

I’ve seen many X Factor shows where the judges can be a little extreme when they make comments to those who didn’t do well. But when I came to Norway and watched a few The Voice episodes, I noticed that they are cautious with what they say to the contestants. My family here told me that you grow up being kind, appreciating, and motivating those who aren’t doing so well yet by saying kind words.

You may think that’s weird, but it’s not. Norwegians tell you where your weakness is and how you can improve, but they don’t let you down.

That’s just one example, but I can tell you for sure that I’ve seen how kind and polite they are to everyone.

4. They love and embrace their tradition

Finally, what I love about Norwegians is how much they cherish their traditions.

May 17 is their national holiday. They show how much they love and celebrate their country extraordinarily.

love about norwegians Norwegian traits that you'll love

They’ve been celebrating this since 1814. I couldn’t believe they’ve been doing it for so long; it seems like they’re celebrating something that just happened yesterday.

Not to mention other festive seasons like Christmas, Easter, where they have a particular way of doing things and what food they prepare according to their traditions.

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