There are many times when we are very focused on taking care of others. This page reminds you and me that our well-being(wellness) is important too.


spring wellness essentials

Enjoy this season with these 6 spring wellness essentials

Spring is a season we all love. The reason is that it starts to get warm. But there’s more to it than that. Here are …

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face of a woman

5 simple hacks to get your glow back

Did you just read “get the glow back” and thought that I’ve gotten into a luxurious mode? Well, I might have, but affordably. Today I’m …

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carrot juice in a glass and a book behind it

Carrot Juice: Making it at home and enjoying its healthy benefits

Sometimes we are eager to learn or even try something. It may be food or a healthy homemade drink. On that note, today, I’m talking …

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a woman with red top and blue shorts

How to stop hating exercise: Start loving it

Most of the time, we catch ourselves hating things. One of them is to exercise. Maybe you’re one of them, and you think you’re the …

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be yourself letters and a black letter board, and pink flowers, silver vase

Simple steps on how to be yourself

“Be yourself” is a phrase you’ve probably heard since you were little. It’s been used over and over again, to the point where people don’t …

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Ways to boost your self-confidence

Ways to boost your self-confidence

Just the other day, I wrote about how to overcome fear. I realized that one of the things that cause fear is the lack of …

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