There are many times when we are very focused on taking care of others. This page reminds you and me that our well-being(wellness) is important too.


carrot juice in a glass and a book behind it

Carrot Juice: Making it at home and enjoying its healthy benefits

Sometimes we are eager to learn or even try something. It may be food or a healthy homemade drink. On that note, today, I’m talking …

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A glass with green detox juice, some spinach leaves, cucumber and a carrot

How to make the ultimate green detox juice

Green detox juice is the one healthy drink you shouldn’t miss. It’s rich in iron, vitamin C, and essential minerals! Not only that, it’s easy …

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a woman with red top and blue shorts

How to stop hating exercise: Start loving it

Most of the time, we catch ourselves hating things. One of them is to exercise. Maybe you’re one of them, and you think you’re the …

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