Virgin mojito

Dear people, you read “food and entertainment”? Well, let’s leave ‘food’ aside for a while and  talk about entertainment. You’re wondering what kind of entertainment? It’s virgin mojito boo!

There are many times when we non-alcoholic club members wonder what we can use to cheer ourselves up while others catch up on their booze. Hence the topic on a virgin mojito.

The mojito is a very common cocktail drink worldwide: many people know that it consists mainly of rum, lime, sugar, and mint. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy it without any rum or other kind of alcohol.

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virgin mojito in a glass, and two lemons besides the glass

Hence, the word virgin. Meaning a non-alcoholic mojito.

The most exciting thing about this drink is that you don’t necessarily have to take it on the weekend. As you know, alcoholic drinks aren’t recommended during workdays. But with the Virgin Mojito, you can enjoy it any day, any time, and, dare I say, anywhere? Well, it could be.

Are you excited about the mood today’s blog post is spreading? Well, I am too! Without wasting any time, let’s dive in and see how to make this simple, fun drink.


Mint, sparkling water, lime, honey syrup(optional), and ice cubes.

A bottle with sparkling water, a glass, 2 lemons, and mint plant

How to make a virgin mojito

  1. Put the lime juice and mint leaves in a glass.
  2. Crush the leaves along with the lime juice for a few seconds.
  3. Add some ice cubes.
  4. If you are using honey at this time, add it to the glass as well.
  5. Add your sparkling water.
  6. Garnish. I usually use lime wedges, but you’re not tied to one thing! You can also use some fruits such as berries.

There you have it. Drink and enjoy! *winks*

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