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summer self-care

9 ways I’m practicing self-care this summer

It’s summer, babe! You’ll probably be seeing the word “summer” until the end of August. So today, we’re talking about summer self-care. There has never …

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sunday scaries

5 tips on how to beat Sunday scaries

Sunday scaries mean to be afraid or worried about what might happen in the coming week. It can involve anything from sleep to work. When …

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Things to do during summer

Things to do during summer (2021 summer bucket list)

Yes, summer is here. And if you live in a country where the winter season is frigid and long, then you know why this topic …

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thought of the day

Thought of the day(3 quotes for reflection and inspiration)

Speaking of the “thought of the day”, reflect on life, show gratitude, and enjoy the little things in life. Here are 3 inspirational phrases to …

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7 yellow flowers

5 Ways to spring clean your life

Spring is here, and it’s not just about house cleaning. Here are five great ways to help you spring clean your life. One thing you …

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woman wearing face mask

Reflections in a time of quarantine

Quarantine reflections: It’s been a year since a quarantine was imposed. Despite all the hardships, it’s good to have a little introspection. If we were …

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A woman wearing blue pants and a headrap reading a book

Hurray! It’s Saturday. 5 ways to spend this beautiful day

There is no doubt that Saturdays are special for most people. Here are five fantastic and helpful tips with things to do on a Saturday. …

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work hard dream big

How to work hard on our dreams

Work hard, dream big. So, how do you stop dreaming and start working hard on your dreams? In this post, we discuss 4 steps to …

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