How to get over a friendship breakup

No matter how strong you can be, getting over a friendship breakup is never easy.

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Most of the time, we get curious when we hear that people who had a certain romantic relationship just broke up. The pain is the same when just an ordinary friendship ends.

A few months ago, I lost a very close friend of mine. Our friendship had been going on for many years. You would think that something big happened between us, but it didn’t. The friendship just expired.

At first, I wanted to believe it was because of a move, where we tried to work on it by contacting each other often, but it just didn’t seem the same. Today I turn to you, dear reader. I’m guessing you may have been in this kind of friendship breakup situation before, or you know someone who is in this situation right now.

That’s the topic of today’s blog post; it brings us to “How do I deal with a friendship breakup.”

We will discuss five helpful ways that may help you learn how to deal with a friendship breakup.

1. Accept it doesn't exist anymore

Although there’s no such thing as “getting over it,” it is good to accept that this bond no longer exists. As I may have pointed out before, the basis for resolving any situation is acceptance.

When you do that, you can let it go, ease the pain, and leave the past behind.

2. Dig out the root of the problem

In my case, for example, I’ve concluded that the fading out was probably caused by the fact that I permanently moved to another country and my girlfriend no longer saw an opportunity to enjoy our time together. As a result, she probably lost interest in being friends.

This might not be the same case like yours, but either way, try to understand it well. Maybe then you’ll be able to rekindle your friendship (if possible) now that you know what to work on. Or you’ll be able to avoid the same thing with your other or new friends.

3. Share your situation with someone

Are you still on board with how to get over a friendship breakup? Awesome!

Third, talk to someone about your situation. Why is that?

Katie M. John once said, “A problem shared is a problem halved.” That is, when you share your problem with another person, it becomes easier to deal with.

In this case, the problem is the pain you are going through after breaking up with your friend and the challenge of getting over it. The person you talk to could help you with comforting words, be there for you when you need someone to talk to, and thus get over your breakup easier.

4. Understand not everything is meant to be forever

We all start relationships with the desire to have them forever. No one wants to part with their best friend with whom they’ve shared many and beautiful memories. But the painful truth is that nothing in this world is guaranteed. So if it wasn’t meant to last forever, take it for what it is.

5. Meditate

One thing I would recommend you do when something goes wrong, take time and meditate. Think hard about what you learned from the event.

In this case, think about the positive things you may have learned from the friendship. Let them be part of a great memory that you can keep. Not only that, but think of it as a learning experience.

All in all, no matter how painful friendship breakups are, I hope these few tips have helped you learn how to get over them. This way, you’ll be able to move on from a failed friendship without carrying the pain and hurt with you. If necessary, take some time to mourn the end of the relationship and celebrate new beginnings.

how to get over a friendship breakup
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