How to deal with the grief of losing your mom

Struggling with how to deal with the grief of losing your mom?

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When you lose your mother, there are a lot of changes in your life. Suddenly you lose the meaning of certain words, and even happiness is missing where you found it before.

It’s now four and a half years since I lost my dear mother. And though I have accepted the will of God, it’s not just a “loss.” You know how you lose something while walking and forget it quickly; this isn’t the case.

Losing a mom is something you deal with for the rest of your life. All the sweet and fun memories you created with her will always remain in your mind. But unfortunately, we can’t change certain things. Hence, my today’s post.

Here, I'll tell you a few things that happen when your mother passes away and how you can deal with the grief of losing your mom.

You'll find yourself crying at times

Growing up, I always knew I was very emotional, but I have become even more extreme since my mother’s loss. Countless times I have found myself shedding tears when I have seen or heard other people’s stories about their mother.

If this is the case for you, dear reader, allow yourself to feel what you feel. Sadness will flood you at unexpected and inappropriate times, but don’t worry; your feelings of sadness will become less acute over time.

Grieve may be there to stay

Indeed, you’ll never be able to grieve completely. As I mentioned above, I find myself crying when I witness certain events, which would be the case with you.

When you think it’s all over and you’re strong again, something pops up and brings you memories. Since this is the case, learn to accept it and not put a time limit on your grief.

You may be categorized in a particular group

When talking about how to deal with the grief of losing your mom, this is one point I can’t dare to forget.

As much as we all don’t want to be part of the group of people who lost their parents, we find ourselves there at some point.

For example, when I lost my mother, my parishioners were very eager to walk the path with me because I was now an orphan. I felt too much pressure and wasn’t sure if it would help me heal in any way.
Little did I know that these people would be a great help to me and be there for me as I worked to accept what had just happened.

In situations like this, some people are genuinely willing to be there for you and help you feel the void. Even though no one can replace your mother, let them try. Sooner or later, you realize that it helps.

The support may not be there forever

We have just said that you’ll have a great deal of support, especially after your mother’s loss. But on the other hand, it can’t last long.

As the days go by, you see that the people who used to call to see how you were are no longer doing so.

That was the case for me. My mother was very social and had many friends who cared about her right after she passed. But, to be honest, out of, say, about 20 of them, I only get calls from one today.

Why am I bringing this up? Maybe you’re in the same situation, and you think nobody cares about you. But the fact is, people expect you to be okay after some time. Therefore, learn to find peace, smile, and live your life.

how to deal with the grief of losing your mom
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