Let’s talk about rejection (how to deal with rejection)

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I believe we’re on the same page when I say that rejection hurts no matter what type. That is, either romantic, friendship, or even family. As I write this( how to deal with rejection) to impact you, my dear reader positively, I’ll tell you that I’ve faced it numerous times. But, today, I’ll give you an example from one of my closest. Wondering who that might be, let me break the suspense and tell you who it is—MY FATHER.

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My biological father wasn’t around when I was growing up… he always just showed up as a visitor and never taught me anything. I remember writing him in on a specific application one day if they needed more information, and when they called him, he said he didn’t have a daughter named Zippy. But why am I even talking about this? It’s to motivate you and me to keep going, regardless of any rejection. Parents can reject you, a boyfriend or even a girlfriend can do the same, but it’s how you handle it that matters.

So, wondering how to go about it? Here are a few tips.

How to deal with rejection

1. Spend time with those who love you

For example, around this time, when he had to say that I was in the worst moments of my life. I felt so low and thought that maybe I didn’t matter to anyone anymore. But when I opened my eyes and looked at the situation from a different perspective, I realized that this was the best time to be with those who appreciate and love me.

As for you, perhaps you too have been in such a situation or know someone who’s experiencing rejection. Please, look or ask them to spend time with those they are close to and make them feel appreciated.

In this way, you’ll feel more comfortable day by day. You’ll be able to understand that not everyone hates you or doesn’t want to be associated with you.

2. Accept

I always say, accept with grace. That is, you let your heart accept that this has happened, but it doesn’t change who you are, and you’ll always find someone who appreciates you out there. Life goes on, dear reader. Walk with your shoulders up and believe in yourself no matter what.

3. Share your story with someone

You are wondering why this is necessary? Well, if you read this post, you’ll understand that you’re not the only person who has experienced rejection.

If you share it with a friend or someone you feel comfortable with, you’ll most likely find that they can relate to your story and help you with words of encouragement. But, not only that. Opening up will also help you gain some form of relief.

Still with me on how to deal with rejection? Great. Let’s move on to the next tip.

4. Take time

I can tell you that there’s no specific time when it takes to heal from rejection, but don’t expect it to happen overnight either. Allow yourself to feel anger or even cry at times, but please don’t let it overwhelm you. Always control such moments with good words of affirmations like;

  • I know I’ll get through this
  • I’m not weak
  • I’ll overcome it victoriously

I hope you enjoyed reading this and were inspired in one way or another. If so, feel free to share it with your community, and you’ll help touch someone’s life. If you have more to say on this topic, you’re more than welcome to write in the comments as I’ll be happy to learn from you as well.

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how to deal with rejection
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