5 Signs you might be in an abusive relationship

Do you feel like you are in a relationship that’s not going the right way? Learn some of the critical signs of an abusive relationship to look for.

Most relationships start with each person doing their best and seeing the other with rose-colored glasses. After the honeymoon phase, things get ugly.

Years ago, I was in a relationship where I wanted nothing else for the first few days. It wasn’t long before the person changed. Things were no longer the way I thought they would be.

Hence, today’s article. As I said, this is a blog to help each other navigate our way to happiness. Let’s discuss the most common signs to identify if you are in an abusive relationship.

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1. Jealousy

As Helen Fisher said, “A little jealousy in a healthy relationship is fine.” But when it goes to the extreme, it’s time to take a good hard look.

It may be tempting to think that someone is more interested in you or cares more about you because they show more jealousy, but that may not be the case.

For example, if someone doesn’t allow you to have friends of the opposite sex without any reason for suspicion, that’s not healthy jealousy at all. Other signs of unhealthy jealousy are:

  • Your partner can’t allow you to go anywhere.
  • They always attack other people when they look at you.
2. Controlling behavior

Controlling behavior is not good at all, as it can lead to more severe emotional or physical abuse.

My boyfriend at the time was very controlling. He typically felt that he had the right to know more than I did. He demanded that I share everything, and I mean everything, with him. From finances to what I talked about and who I spoke to on the phone.

As we all know, openness is one of the necessities in a relationship. Still, when one dominates you in an unhealthy way and against your will, it’s the number one sign that you are in an abusive relationship.

This type of person always thinks they are right and treats you like a child and not an equal.

3. You have no voice in the relationship

Most of the time, I see individuals who have no voice in their relationships because they’ve lost the connection, but that wasn’t my case.

I had no say because no one listened to what I had to say or even valued my words.

Finding the words and courage to say what you feel in a relationship is very important.

5 Signs you might be in an abusive relationship

Are you in a relationship where you feel like you can’t speak your mind? The reason is that your partner attacks you, yells at you, or angrily rejects your opinion? Then, it’s time to check your relationship. This can be one of the signs that you’re in an abusive relationship.

4. Threats

There’s no doubt that threats are abusive in a relationship. 

Just as there can be physical threats that are easily seen, there can also be hidden threats that aren’t seen. Some of these are disguised with humor or hidden in an argument.

For example, your partner may force you to do something, and when you refuse, they use phrases like: 

  • I’ll make you regret it
  • I’ll show you who I am
  • You’ll know that I’m the man in this relationship
5. They are putting you away from your family and friends

My final point on the common signs of an abusive relationship is that your partner separates you from friends and family.

If you are dealing with a loved one who’s doing their best to disrupt your friendships and family ties, it’s time to take note. No one should decide when you talk to them, what you talk about, or even stop seeing your family or friends.

In summary

If you feel that you’ve observed all these signs of an abusive relationship, then it’s time to decide. Everyone deserves respect and genuine love in which they are happy.

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