5 Misconceptions about interracial couples we need to withdraw

It has been many decades since there have been interracial relations. Yet, there are still some myths that we (interracial couples) bring with us! In this post, I’ll share five misconceptions about interracial relationships that I think should be retired.

1. They hate their race

I mean, how the hell on earth can you hate the race you are yourself. I find this sickening.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of interracial relationships that I pray and hope will go one day.

Look at it this way; interracial couples give birth to kids of color, does that mean one of them will hate them? No! Therefore, this isn’t true!

"No one chooses whom they'll fall in love with; the heart does."

a black woman and man sitted on a chair, and holding each other
2. They are not acceptable to have someone from their background

There’s no doubt that there are people who do unacceptable things from their homeland and seek refuge in another country. For their benefit, they do it through marriage. Such situations have led to many misunderstandings in all interracial relations.

Please don’t allow one situation to affect the whole generation.

Just because there is one lousy potato in the soup, doesn’t mean they’re all bad.

There are so many of them who unexpectedly fall in love with people from outside their race.

3. They face lots of challenging cultural differences

Unfortunately, interracial couples may differ from one another because of their racial or cultural identity. But, this isn’t foreign to other couples either!

For example, I come from a country with 42 tribes. All of these tribes have their own culture even though they are of the same race. So I suppose they’ll also face cultural differences when they marry each other.

Since this is the case, I say that all marriages are the same. We all communicate with our partners to solve the challenges that come with the relationship.

4. They are together for another reason other than love

This is one of the misconceptions which I dare not forget.

We see people every day who say, “they are not together for love.” He or she must be after something. E.g., a green card, money, or whatever it may be.

Coming from a third world country and being married into a developed country, this isn’t new to me. I have been doing interracial for 6 years now and have learned how to deal with it.

But, when I see other women and men who are new to interracial relationships and can’t seem to deal with this myth, I feel the pain with them.

I hope this myth will fade out one day and let people enjoy love from all over the corners of the world freely.

5. They won't last forever

Last but not least, “they won’t last forever.

Surprisingly, this judgment develops by considering that interracial couples are together for reasons other than love.

Many relationships do not fail because of race. Therefore, let’s not judge based on skin color. Instead, let’s learn to wish each other the best and be kind to each other.

5 Misconceptions about interracial couples we need to withdraw
Final say about misconceptions of interracial relationships

Are you in an interracial relationship? Are you in a relationship with someone of your race? Well, no couple is more unique than the other. We are all human beings brought together by one thing. LOVE!

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